“Enjoy the Akaushi course using French techniques”


“QUNIOMI – Wagyu Lean Meat & Modern Japanese French” has been renewed from Wagyu Lean Meat French.

The reason we have combined Japanese and French cuisine is to satisfy as many customers as possible.


By incorporating elements of French, Italian, and Spanish cuisine into Japanese culinary traditions, we aim to provide even higher quality cuisine.


At our restaurant, we use lean Wagyu beef, mainly red beef from Kumamoto Prefecture, and offer unique dishes using French techniques.


Enjoy exquisite cuisine and carefully selected glasses of wine while relaxing in the soft candlelight.


To commemorate the renewal, we have prepared a special Akaushi course.

Please take this opportunity to enjoy it.

modern japanese french
“Akaushi (red-haired Japanese beef) course”

1)Assorted appetizers 3 types:
・Grilled shiitake mushroom stuffed with vincotto and cheese
・Bite-sized sushi with smoked chicken and shiso
・Seared salmon and mango tartar with yuzu pepper

2)Red sea bream with kelp sauce and citrus sauce

3)Soybean flour potage cappuccino style

4)Steak of Akaushi (red-haired wagyu beef) from Kumamoto Prefecture
Umeboshi and almond sauce

*It is possible to change to rare cuts of fillet for an optional fee. (6,800 yen)

5)Truffle flavored risotto

6)Soy milk panna cotta with black sugar syrup and fruit

7)Chocolate and sweet bean tartlets

8)After-meal drinks:
    Coffee or tea

9,800 yen (tax included)

We are currently running a 10% off promotion for one month only.

Enjoy the above deluxe courses at 10% off the regular price.

Please take this opportunity to experience the new charm of our store.

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