Have you ever tasted the ultimate lean meat of “Wagyu beef” ?


Our guests are 93% satisfied with the Wagyu beef steak.

You might be surprised if you try it.

It’s obviously different from “just Wagyu beef” you already know.


Lean meat steak of Wagyu beef” is our restaurant’s specialty.

Kumamoto prefecture 「Wagyu AKAGE」
Kochi prefecture 「Wagyu AKAGE」「 TOSA AKAUSI」

Iwate prefecture 「Wagyu TANKAKU」 … etc


we recommend “Wagyu AKAGE (Red-hair cattle)” known as pioneer of lean meat.

The cattle is extremely rare and valuable because of its low number of breeding.

We select the beef from all over Japan , especially “Wagyu AKAGE (Red-hair cattle)”

is from Kumamoto prefecture and Kochi prefecture.

Our chef was fascinated by the taste of “Wagyu AKAGE beef”,

so we’ve continued serving it since our restaurant opened.



There is few restaurants in Tokyo which  serve you “the Wagyu AKAGE   beef”from

both Kumamoto prefecture and Kochi prefecture.

It is one of the valuable restaurant.

The reason why we recommend the “Wagyu AKAGE beef” is the taste of beef.

The moment you take one bite, as you chew, the beef flavor spread in your mouth .

You also feel it juicy, and fine texture.

We also provide a trace-ability system, so you can be able to see who 

bred the cattle.


On the other hand, the most popular “Black- hair Wagyu beef” known as

“shimofuri” tastes good though,

but in the recent health boom, it’s too much greasy and

you would just feel extremely tender, melt-in-the-mouth.

Your stomach would feel heavy.

Our specialty “Wagyu AKAGE beef (Red-hair cattle)” is healthier than “Shimofuri Wagyu”.

No greasy, tastes good , valuable , really delicious.

That’s why we recommend the “Wagyu AKAGE beef” !!


Red and black Japanese beef comparison


Kumamoto Aso Wagyu AKAGE beef
About Japanese black cattle bred in Japan
For 1.800.000 heads
There are around 24.500 Wagyu AKAGE beef.


Assuming that there are 1,000 g of “Kuroge Wagyu beef ” chunk meat
About 13g is about the breeding amount of “Wagyu AKAGE beef”Become.


There are many comments  from our guests who actually had “Wagyu AKAGE beef” at our restaurant.

・ 30s male: It was delicious! ! Wagyu AKAGE beef!!
Y. S


50s woman: I was surprised at the taste of Wagyu AKAGE beef.


・ 30s Women: This is the second time, but I am satisfied. T. K,


・ 40s Woman: Red steak, very delicious. s. k like

・ Man in 50s: I thought it was tough when I heard French,
 This is a restaurant serving delicious meat
    I was surprised at the taste of the meat (red cattle). H. K,


· Women in their 40s: burning good !, wine good! K. M.


There are  many voices of joy from our guests.


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